Greetings and thanks for visiting our site.  Like others in this business I have a story.  I grew up in the midwest and spent many summers at the Lake of the Ozarks in mid-Missouri.  As a kid, I loved hunting for snakes and lizards much to my mom's chagrin.  We caught everything you could imagine, and unfortunately a few Copperheads too.  But in the process I gained a healthy respect for snakes.  


When my two boys were young, I bought them a pair of Ball Pythons as pets ... and I subsequently was hooked!  Breeding Ball Pythons became a fun hobby and passion.  I enjoy producing unique and beautiful animals, that my customers also appreciate.  


So while this is not my day job, raising and breeding Ball Pythons and evolving into it a small business has been a fun and interesting challenge.   Our mission is to raise animals that are truly unique and of the highest quality.  


Many thanks to my colleagues who offer advice and education, as its continual learning. If you are reading this, you are either already committed or potentially considering Ball Pythons either as a hobby or investment.  No matter what you decide, I guarantee it will be fun and quite rewarding.  They are wonderful animals, and I promise you will also get hooked!   Thanks again for stopping by ... best regards,  

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