dbl het male


For the past couple years, we’ve patiently worked on our biggest project yet, attempting to create a coveted
“Dreamsicle”, as accomplished first by Ralph Davis. (pic on right) The Dreamsicle is one of the rarest of Ball
Python Morphs, a combination bred from crossing a Lavender Albino with the “Double Het Pied” genes. It’s a
unique and challenging match, in addition to Ralph, only one other breeder I'm aware of, has demonstrated
the ability as of yet. (note - The Dreamsicle is very different than the Albino Pieds frequently seen ... the
Dreamsicle has stark contrasts with the deep Lavendar and white's along in addition to the "glow") I
purchased an ‘08 Female Lavender Albino possible 66% Het for Dream from Ralph along with the Double Het
Dream male. She proved to be a finicky eater, and missed the cut last year based on weight. But steady and consistent feedings (she’s a "live" mouser) have her a ripe 1500gms and set to breed this year. She’s
outstanding, by far the best in my collection and I’m anxious to see if she will prove out.

my SPastel

Calico x Super Pastel

Another project this coming breeding season attempts to create the Super Pastel & Calico hybrid as shown on
the right above. Crossing a Super and Calico result in a variable outcome as the Super Pastel gene breaks up
and melts the Calico pattern. I bred my Calico female with a Spider last year and created several
outstanding “Caliders”. I acquired an awesome very bright Super Pastel male and will monitor the hook-up’s
closely. Very excited about this combo!


Axanthic Lemon-Blast or Pinstripe

I have begun work on a multi-year project to create variations of the Axanthic TSK line. Plan in 2012 is to
breed my female Pinstipe to a new Axanthic Pastel male I acquired in ‘10. He’s grown rapidly and based on
weight feel pretty confident on this one. I hope to create a Lemon-Blast, and/or Pinstripe or Pastel Het
Axanthic. If successful, this should get me started to do some creative things with the Axanthic line.

2011 clutch #3 BD
butter daddy

"Super" Butter Daddy

(Butter Daddy x Super Pastel)

Lastly planning to pursue creating a "Super" version of the Butter Daddy. The "Daddy" is a classic and unique
Ralph Davis creation, and the Platty gene is difficult and somewhat unpredictable. According to Ralph, the
Butter Daddy x Super Pastel cross will create Pastel Butter's and Pastel's het for Platty. So another
investment project, hoping to create a couple Pastel males het platty I can grow quickly to cross back. Worse case I can always make more BUtter Daddy's ... awesome snakes!

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